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Welcome to our Dry Cleaner, where Blest Laundry want the best for your clothes! No matter the type of fabrics you need washing, from silks to leathers, our professional dry cleaners have both the skills and the know-how to provide a deep clean without eroding your fabrics. We offer a large choice of services to suit individual needs, so just pop by our store or give us a call today, we can guide you through the specific treatments and offer a no-obligation quote. Give us a go, you won’t regret it!

Our services are specific

Your silk blouses require special care - the risk of putting them in the washing machine is a big no-go. Dry cleaning - the practice of soaking the shirts in a chemical solvent other than water - is a superior option, protecting more delicate fabrics and materials from the harsh chemicals used in domestic laundry. We promise to keep your favourite shirts in perfect condition.

Our employees are experienced

Thanks to our certified staff, we stand out in our field, providing only the finest services. Our modern technology and equipment helps us achieve the very best of the industry - we clean clothes to the highest standards, and never shy away from troublesome materials or firm stains! Our skilled dry cleaners know exactly what our customers need - and customer service is at the heart of what we do.

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